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Spectacular Folk Music and Dances | Transylvania Ensemble | RCI New York | July 12, 7:00 PM

Great news for those who cannot join us in Washington, D.C. for this year’s edition of the Romanian Weekend at The Wharf: the reputed “Transylvania” Ensemble comes to the RCI for a special evening showcasing music, dances and customs from fabulous Maramureș, a region in Northwestern Romania renowned for the beauty of its landscape and the richness of its traditions. Join us for a vibrant, authentic experience of Romanian folklore… and some fiery surprises!  This event is organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in partnership with the Romanian Embassy to the US and Maramureș County Council.
The National Folk Ensemble “Transylvania”, based in Baia Mare, Maramureş County, was founded in 1959 with the specific aim to treasure and promote the immemorial folk traditions of Northwestern Romania, preserved from generation to generation to this day. The ensemble fulfills its mission through performances that offer authentic and spectacular displays of the richness of Maramureș region arts, crafts, and traditions. At the same time, “Transylvania”’s recitals offer the occasion to parade superb folk costumes and beautiful hand-made jewelry, made by artisans who pride themselves on preserving age-old techniques.

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